Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative equipment for construction machines. We are flexible in our production process, which is why we are able to find the best solution, for our customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a stability within the company by offering an individual approach to our customers, therefore to have a long-term and a pleasant cooperation for both of the parties. We are constantly developing the quality of our products and the efficiency of our products. We are increasing the value of the company by the product development.


Our stabdpoints in Pomemet OÜ are:

  • to be as client centered as possible,
  • offer working solutions to our customers which are innovative at the same time,
  • keep the promised delivery dates,
  • to keep the optimal relationship between price and quality,
  • to fill all the legal and environmental norms that are given to enterprises and to sector as whole,
  • to develop continuously our management system

We find that our goal has been reached when the client is satisfied with the product and service that he receives. And the result has been achieved financially economically.

Our history

We have been on the Estonian market since 1996, which means that we will be celebrating our 20th year soon. Our main activity is the construction and manufacturing the accessories of machinery – snowploughs, excavator buckets, frontal buckets, quick couplers, asphalt cutters, lifting forks and cable ploughs.

For today, our production has increased steadily and we fulfill the most rigid quality requirements Our strategy is to be customer orientated, offer best quality products and services by maintaining an optimal quality-price ratio.

Product improvement and new product development is collaborated with our customers, where the keywords are trust and cooperation. We are using the recognized quality management standard system ISO 9001:2015 which is internationally known.

Write to us info@pmc.ee